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At closing, property shall be conveyed via Warranty Deed, being free of all liens and encumbrances of record, except for possible unpaid taxes and fees.

If Buyer requires Escrow and/or Title Insurance, costs of this process shall be paid by Buyer.

If Seller requires Escrow and/or Title Insurance, costs of this process shall be paid by Seller.

Buyer shall pay recording fees, title research fees, copy fees, documentary transfer tax and other costs associated with research and recording of documents.

Buyer shall reimburse seller for notary fees when provided with a receipt.

Taxes due from the date of sale forward shall be paid by Buyer.

Any taxes due prior to the date of sale, including past due taxes, interest, fees and fines may be deducted from the proceeds of this sale at Buyer's discretion.

Seller agrees to close this transaction on or before closing deadline printed on Sale Agreement. Buyer agrees that if closing date must be extended beyond deadline printed on Sale Agreement, seller will be notified of new closing date.

Buyer shall take possession of said real property upon closing.

Buyer has the right to cancel purchase agreement at any time if information provided by the county, seller, or other third party is unsatisfactory to buyer. Seller will be notified in writing if agreement is being canceled.

Buyer agrees that upon receipt of signed and notarized deed to subject real property, the full purchase price agreed upon in Sale Agreement will be conveyed to Seller.

The Sale Agreement and Deed are binding upon the heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns of Buyer and Seller.

Verbal agreements or statements shall not be binding. All agreements must be accepted in writing.